April 22, 2009

J has a phone interview today for a one year position in Montana. Send those good thoughts his way.

April 21, 2009

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary!

It's our 8th! Last year was copper. This year is bronze. Jesse wanted bronze weaponry. I said no. I did get him a shirt (1.99 at Ross) and an oil decanter (he's been asking for one, though he was not properly grateful when I presented it to him).

Since Da commented earlier that with 8 years of marriage, we'd statistically beaten the divorce odds, the cynic in me couldn't help but google "odds of getting divorced after 8 years" where I found this divorce calculator. FYI, it's still an 8% chance in the next 5 years. I guess we haven't made it yet.

April 20, 2009

atsui desu yo

97 degrees today. Counting down the minutes until J gets here so we can go to the pool.

Yesterday, it was almost as hot. I ate the last lime fruit floe while everyone else was upstairs.

Today, I've just been trying not to move too much. Tomorrow, it's supposed to drop 10 degrees.

But my question is, what is June going to be like, if this is April?

April 18, 2009

Irvine Regional Park

Mermaid wanted to go to the zoo for her last day of spring break, so I thought we could manage one of the zoos close by. Irvine Regional Park has a little zoo (well kept though) with animals from the western US. Here they are brushing the goats. But their favorite part was riding the little train around the park.
Most times I enjoy these little expeditions, and this one wasn't too bad. Especially once I introduced the no whining policy (you whine, we leave). Suddenly, the whining stopped.

I was pretty excited to see a wood duck in the pond. They've always been my favorites, but I had never seen a real one, just pictures.

Cross Word

A couple of weeks ago, we watched Wordplay, a movie about the NY Times crossword puzzle. It seemed that I should be able to do a crossword or two. Well. Turns out the LA Times puzzle is easier and freer. Today is the first Saturday puzzle I've managed. It took 45 minutes. And Jesse helped. I can finish a Monday or Tuesday puzzle solo (they get progressively harder throughout the week).

Yay for online anti-atrophy.
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