June 27, 2009

The First Week of Summer

School's out for summer.
The Grandmas have come and gone. Sienna and Tony, too.
Do I have pictures? Not many.
But here we are on the Balboa Island Ferry. Tutu on Balboa Island. And the samba dancers at the Summer Solstice Parade in Santa Barbara. I bought the girls jelly bracelets when we were there. Jesse wondered if claw bangs were going to come back as well. One could only hope.

p.s. We did a lot of fun stuff with Pammy, too. Just didn't document it. Super fun beach hike from Little Corona almost to Crystal Cove. Saw dolphins jumping and diving. Got some great seashells.

June 12, 2009


We drove out to Newport Peninsula this evening. J brought the longboard, but it was too small for even that. The kids boogie boarded and had a lot of fun. The water is warming up. Just one more week until summer break, then every day is beach day!

June 11, 2009

The Jacarandas behind our house are in bloom. This picture doesn't do them justice.


It's been kind of cold here. Major June gloom with 3 hours of sunshine a day. I'm freezing. I'm moving to Maine. hmm.

Mermaid came home and asked if she could go dumpster diving.
M-"I won't cross the street. I won't talk to strangers. And I won't actually get in the dumpster. And I'll be back by dark."
Me-"You can't take your sister, so you'll have to figure out how to keep her happy. And how about you come back in 20 minutes?"

Did you hear about Monkey on the rock climbing wall? J took the girls last Saturday. Mermaid made it half way up. Monkey made it to the top. Twice. 35 feet up is pretty darn high, especially when you're 3 feet tall.

The Grandmas are coming. We're heavy on the Grandmas light on the Grandpas in this family. We'll see 3 of the 5 in the next two weeks. We're so lucky!

June 5, 2009

Dreaming of...

Cake. Lots of cake. All chocolate. But assorted icing. White chocolate, mocha, praline, dark chocolate. I gorged myself, then found tupperware and saved some for later.

The RAV4 with 7 seats. Somehow, we could afford it.

A bus trip down a mountain. Then a big parking lot, but not where we were supposed to be.

My belly button. And some practitioner who could tell by its whorls that I'm pregnant. With a girl.

All in all a very exciting night.

I think the chocolate cake is most likely to transfer to this waking world. And now you know what has been on my brain. Cake (I've been on a sugar high for weeks now), cars (how many seats, mpg, miles, $, it's pretty overwhelming), babies (because everyone has one and I think I'd like to try and get one), and travel (I am moving after all).

June 2, 2009

3119 Miles

To Maine from here. That's the mileage one of the moving vans quoted us. Our last move was even further, but we did cross an ocean.
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