May 23, 2010

Sunday in Maine

It's spring in Maine. The flowers here think this may be their only chance before fall, so they bloom all at once. After the dull winter, gaudy spring is fun to see. I'm especially loving the different varieties that thrive here. Bleeding hearts, columbine, whatever this is.
We went on another Sunday walk around campus today. The weather is amazingly warm and dry. J picked up some more willow branches for his fire experiment (just smoke, no fire yet).

G and I have some sort of stomach thing that makes us feel not very good. Here's hoping Monday is kinder.

May 21, 2010


Friday, Friday. I'm so glad you're here.

Jesse took the kids to the bird sanctuary so that they can find willows. Then he is supposed to teach them to make fire by rubbing the willow sticks together. He's prepping for his History of Civilization class next year. He's planning a Pre-Modern Man day for his students so they can practice all these skills. As it's a men's college, he's pretty sure it will go over well.

I'm just glad I get a little break. I volunteered to chaperone M's field trip. Enormous headache. Seriously. 3 Advil later and I'm starting to feel a little better. It was fun in a "I will never ever, ever be a school teacher" kind of way. And I don't really want to start a "kids these days" thread, but really. Hello? Manners? My 5yo was way better behaved than some of M's classmates. Even using the bathrooms. It was a free for all in the girl's room. No orderly line, just CHARGE!

Anywho. It's the weekend. Recharge.

May 20, 2010

Sewing Machine Questions for YOU

More questions for you!

I'm getting a sewing machine for my birthday, anniversary, and mother's day (Thanks Jesse!). What kind of machine do you have? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What do you wish it did that it doesn't? What settings do you use a lot?

I'm looking at Singer's because they are on sale at Jo-Ann's. I'd love to hear your input!

May 19, 2010

Bachelorette Party

Here's a question for you. Bachelorette party. The bride to be has 3 kids, two with the groom. They live together. What gift can I give that will not totally embarrass me? The best I can think of is babysitting, but the oldest kid (15) does that. I'm leaning towards candles and lotion.

This will be my first, y'know. In Mormondom, we always call them bridal showers and give housey gifts. Or if you're a really good friend, sexy unders. Neither seem to make sense in this situation. Oh man. I'm a little nervous. Thank goodness my friend the preacher's wife is coming, too.

Kayaking Goodwill

Last weekend we went to Little Sabago Lake to kayak. It was cold and windy, not tons of fun for me and my little river kayak. But it was good to get out.

And the best part. The Goodwill over there (Gray, maybe?). We got some clothes for Mermaid. And this sweet vintagey pot. (Aren't the handles so fun?) And these great Noritake plates (Up-Sa Daisy is the pattern name. How can you not love them?)
So yes, we are still moving, but now we'll be moving stuff I like. Though J is still trying to get me lose the red chair. Not Happening.

May 16, 2010

Uku, no Lele

I spent my birthday eve crossing one of those bridges into parenthood. You know how you have to live through colic and blowouts, ER visits and ear infections to really join the club? You also have to endure lice.

The mermaid woke up Thursday complaining about having to go to school. "I'll get ready for school as soon as my head stops itching!"
One quick look and there were eggs aplenty. Even a novice delouser could spot them.
"It's your lucky day! You don't have to go to school."
J didn't quite believe me, so he googled lice images. Mistake. Blegh! How was I supposed to eat breakfast after that?
I was going to clean the house (luckily for me, J took care of that. The place looks awesome.)
But instead, I bonded with my 8 year old as I picked through her hair for two hours. And then I bonded with my husband as we realized we both had them, too.
And I washed 8+ loads of laundry. On super hot. I hope my clothes didn't shrink too much.
The best part was the next day when I took M to school. The nurse had to check her head before she could come back. Then she checked mine for me. Awesome.

thanks to Da for that Anti-Lice shampoo freebie win. When we first got it, we thought "what are we going to do with this stuff?" Um. Use it.

May 15, 2010

I Like My Birthdays

I thought my birthday would be low key. I mean, 34 is not something to go crazy about. It's not 30, not 40, not even a nice 5 divisible 35.

But with a 5 year old Monkey around, no birthday can go unnoticed. I mean, this is it for the family until December. She bugged me and harrassed me to get decorations, party favors, balloons, and a present. So off to the dollar store for balloons, even those cool punch ones I loved as a kid. I pulled out the birthday streamer my mom made, and voila, instant birthday.G woke us up in the morning to make me breakfast. Supposedly, she let me sleep in. She has a fabulous stage whisper that could wake the dead. The best part is that she keeps bringing it up as if she did this great big favor for me. It has taken all my mommy willpower to just smile and agree that she did let me sleep in, and I am very grateful.

G did help me make my birthday cupcakes, the strawberry Sprinkles recipe from Martha Stewart. They were super yummiferous. (And so no one gives J a hard time, I totally wanted to make those cupcakes myself. I only have so many opportunities to perfect my mad baking skilz.)
The kids had a school dance that night where I boogied. A room full of concrete thinkers can't imagine dancing unless there are directions. The dance floor emptied on "Beat It" but filled for the Bunny Hop. Weird. There were some scary sixth grade girls who looked like they were 20. Yikes!

J and I ended the night catching up on some 30 Rock.

Birthdays are Fun! I'm glad I had some little peeps to remind me.

May 10, 2010

I Will Pack Like a Pro

I've been thinking more about moving. The actual physical moving of stuff (some of which, such as the couch, I wish we were not). It's a little overwhelming. Toys, games, shoes, clothes, furniture, dishes, art, computer, blah, blah, blah. I want to start on the clothes, but I can't pack our winter clothes just yet. It has been 40 degrees here this week. Yikes. Coldy.

So it was with excitement that I saw this popular article in the NY Times about packing your carry-on. I'm so motivated. Not just to pack that well. I now have an excuse to go buy more clothes so I can pack efficiently. I mean, I will be living out of a suitcase fore 5+ weeks. I'm sure I'll just be hitting up the Goodwill, not spending tons of money. But now I know what to buy.

May 8, 2010

Silly Me

Oy. You know when you do something stupid. Like...

*volunteer to set up the mother's day activity for primary so that all the workers can go to relief society and then...
*volunteer to give the mother's day talk because you usually hate those talks.
*eat a burger at the commons and have indigestion for the next 24 hours.
*commit yourself to the scout spaghetti dinner and an additional 24 hours of indigestion.

If you ever do something like that, it is good to have a husband who will take the kids on a craigslist errand and sporting goods shopping for 6 hours (while you write your talk) and then put them to bed that night. Then you don't feel quite so stupid. But you should still stay close to a bathroom. Just in case.

May 3, 2010

Did you see E's design studio (and T's and T's, of course, but family first) featured on designmom? Take the survey, win the goodies!

Aloha Fairy

There are skills you learn in Hawaii that you use for weddings, graduations, and May Day. Then you move to the mainland and wish that flowers were plentiful and free.

And then, years later, at your daughter's friend's 8th birthday with a flower fairy theme, you bust out the skills. You find raffia, pick dandelions and pansies, and make this.

May 2, 2010

Nine Years

1st year- one honeymoon. 20plus waterfalls. 17 mile hike, one day. 2 lost toenails. 1 hitch hiker picked up. 1 night camping. 3 nights in a hostel with 1 shared bathroom.

2nd year- 2 months in japan, backpacking, with 6 month old baby. 13 mile hike, 1 day, 4 leaches (none on baby). 1 night in super nice hotel.

3rd year- 2 different apartments. 10 palmer cousins from the same 2 parents, just 40 miles away.

4th year- 9 months in taiwan. 1 baby girl born. lava hot onsen. river onsen. 1 crazy narrow road. 1 nissan sunny. 0 casualties (except maybe the sunny).

5th year- parents to 2 kids. 4pm trips to the beach. 8am family surf sessions. back home in california.

6th year- parents to 2 busy kids. preschool, play dates. sunday baseball. friends. weekly potlucks. we really are home.

7th year- 1 long flight to Japan. 5th floor apartment. 1 nasty bathroom. 3 houseguests. 2 long weekends w/o kids. yatsugatake. onsen. minshuku. matsuri.

8th year-1 trip to Hawaii. 1 perfect week. 1 flooded week. 1 crazy family reunion. 10 cousins.

9th year- 4 days on penobscot bay. 2 kayaks. quahog bay. acadia. just 10 months.

we were kayaking on our 9th anniversary. after we put the kids to bed, we started talking about our 9 years together and how much fun we've had. we have been to some amazing places and seen some of the most beautiful places on earth. I shall stay 'til my dyin' day with my whistlin' gypsy rover.

Self Portraits

If you have your own camera, and you are five, give a smile.

May 1, 2010

Spring Break Part 2, Ellsworth

We spent Friday and Saturday in Ellsworth with the Barretts. They live in a most beautiful part of Maine. We LOVE going to their house. The kids can never remember Jason's name. It's all about Sunshine. Except when he teaches them how to fish.Jason caught this huge fish in the tiny river. Remember last time when he shot the duck? He's our go to guy for outdoor survival.

Keeping New House In...


I know. Crazy
. It's hard to imagine us there, but maybe we'll like it. Jesse is skeptical, I am optimistic.

It's another year appointment with the possibility of going tenure track next year. (where did we hear that one before?) Anyway, keep following us as we take a stab at living in every time zone in the USA. We'll keep having FUN and hope you come along for the ride!
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