July 26, 2007

Death March

AKA...Hiking with kids. Jesse and I took the kids a couple of weeks ago. Usually the mosquitoes swarm, but this time (amazingly) just a minimal presence. The pool at Kahana always welcomes. Cool, deep, and a decent length for swimming.

We haven't been brave enough to go recently, but this picture of Adam's gives me quite a bit of inspiration.

July 25, 2007

Good Gifts

Pammy just got back from her stay in California. We missed her dearly, and she must have missed us because she came back loaded with wonderful gifts for everyone. Beautiful Bernarr shirts for the boys, skirts for the girls (big and little). Mine is blue and light as a handkerchief. I think I could wear it every day. And lucky me, my first pair of Musi earrings. I've been wanting a pair of my own since last year when we visited them in Santa Cruz. Watching Musi work was magically inspiring. She works on her porch overlooking a beautiful garden.

Mine our elongated heart shaped with blueish opals. They feel weightless. If you missed her at the Oregon Country Fair, better luck next year.

Mine are similar, but of an earlier vintage.

July 18, 2007

Papparazzi Opps

Lindi-O would be so proud of me. She's the best star finder I've ever known, spotting them at D-land almost every time. Well move over Lindi and make room for me! Ok, so it was only once, but I was pretty proud of myself. And would you be looking for Jack Johnson at swimming lessons at the BYUH pool? So his kid takes the private lesson before Gwyneth, they share a teacher.

Amy also spotted Rob Lowe at the kayak rental place in Kauai. He's super skinny.

So here's some etiquette questions. What would you do? I'd love a picture to post here, but I'm also shy. I noticed that both guys seemed to like talking to the fans, I guess you don't really get into the business if you're shy. I played it cool with both guys, seeing as I'm not a huge Rob Lowe fan and I would want my privacy. The crowd at the pool was pretty cool, actually. They were all people who went to school with Jack anyway.

PS-Gwyn's a better swimmer!!

July 14, 2007

House Lust

I've had house lust for years now. My friend, Jo, is on her 2nd (with pool). I've yet to have my first. I've been in married student housing with its industrial carpeting, lack of dishwasher, and absent yard since I got married. I've tried to suppress this unhealthy desire for years. I think this summer has cured me.

Now a disclaimer first. I am incredibly grateful for Pammy's generosity, letting us stay in her beautiful home. We are enjoying the beautiful backyard, the spacious interior. The washing machine (dreamy). The Dishwasher (delightful). The new clothesline (energy saving and fun).

Not a complaint, but I miss my 750 square feet apartment with backyard mowed on Wednesday by friendly gardeners who threw my kids toys on the back porch. I miss calling the office "I need my tub re-caulked, my light bulb changed, the battery in the smoke detector is going out, and there's ants in the house. Can you take care of that?" And then they do. And if my kids make a mess, really, there's only 750 square feet to clean. And that's if it's been strewn across the whole house.

I've always wanted the house, the garage, the yard, the storage really. I'm realizing the upkeep, the cleaning, the yardwork, the pest control might keep me renting forever.

We had one of Jesse's professors over for dinner the other day. He and his wife have lived in Berekely, New Zealand, Hawaii, and now Dubai. Their longest stint was 6 years in Hawaii. What if we did that? What if we moved all over the world, taught at a variety of universities, raised our kids in a multi-cultural environment? We're on our way as it is. Miriam is on her second passport.

I don't mind making repairs and doing yard work, but I'm busy with my little kids. I really don't like cleaning, especially since I'm cleaning the same thing over an over interspersed with vomit, poop, and other nasties. And when the kids get older, I don't really want to take up ironing. I was planning on working while they were in school.

There's always community gardens, storage sheds, and lots of apartments have their own dish washer and washing machine. Perhaps the Zen existence is for us. Perhaps we'd be better off with fewer things, less space, and more experiences.

While baby is napping...

For those of you just rolling in free time, I have a few sites that I love to visit.

The Sartorialist
, way better than Vogue, cheaper, and so much more inspirational.

DesignMom for 1-finding super cute items for house, kids, etc. 2-getting in the Westchester/Park Slope loop, and 3-freebies!!

and of course, check out Brooke's color week here, and some liberal media here. And while you're on NPR, check out the music. When we were in Taiwan, we listened to many holiday concerts in full. I also love to hear the music they're reporting on. Mom will be happy to know they're huge Pink Martini fans.

July 10, 2007

"Where's my friends?" Gwyneth screamed at me early Wednesday morning.
"You mean E and A, your cousins?"
"Yeah! Where's my friends!"
"Remember, they got on an airplane and went to Utah last night."
"They need to come back...tomorrow!"


With the same camera model, Pammy and Miriam take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.

Pool Time

"Swimming is stimulating, but dangerous"
-when Jesse was swimming in a waterfall in Taiwan (with lots of signage in many languages prohibiting such behavior), a woman said this to him.

July 6, 2007

Ode to the Dishwasher

I, who hates doing dishes,
clean the kitchen while you
read to the kids.

I, who hates washing dishes,
rinses and crams rice encrusted,
mango hardened bowl and plate
into the machine.

Forks, knives, and spoons.
mismatched tupperware
sippy cups,
cutting boards.

To cover my shame,
I use "light load"
"air dry"

And delight
in the machine
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