June 26, 2007

More Photos by Miriam

Just five and quite the wedding photographer. Jesse and I each thought that the other had taken these shots. I'm so glad she's surrounded by so many talented people to help encourage her creativity.

Blue Lantern

Wedding Guest

Tru plays croquet

The Happy Couple


White sand beaches. Clear blue water. Soft breezes. Family. Friends. Paradise? Well...yes.

This morning we went to Three Tables and kayaked to Waimea, just around the bend. The water was amazingly clear and calm. And best of all, a huge pod of spinner dolphins were swimming, jumping, and spinning all around us. Miriam was in awe. Ez from Brooklyn said "it's just like the nature channel!"

So come and visit us. We want to share paradise with you.

June 18, 2007


It's totally stressful, everyone has done it, it still sucks. Here are the hilarious parts of our move

-I spent 2 hours cleaning our carpet today. As Jesse was returning the carpet cleaner to Jana, Gwyn peed on said carpet.

-We moved our furniture out to clean the carpet. Tonight with the carpet dry, we went to put it back in only to find our IKEA Poang chair is missing. Someone thought we were giving it away. We put a sign out for its return, but no big loss. We did get it out of the dumpster originally.

-Jesse said "maybe you should make new covers for the couch cushions. They look really bad." hm. We are leaving in 46 hours. I don't think so.

-We found the Christmas cards we didn't send. If anyone wants one, they have our picture and are pre-signed by Jesse.

-I found the cord to the sewing machine I donated. After I donated it, of course.

Here's a list of things I can't believe we're taking to Hawaii:
35 pounds in diving weights
3 super bouncy balls
1 nasty baby doll with blue pen hair (other nasty blue haired baby doll was rescued from trash by Caleb, friend of Gwyneth, on the condition that baby doll is hid when we go to their house tomorrow.)
1 bag of books(it's still not completely clear to me why we aren't sending them)

June 15, 2007

When I grow up

One of the last times I had Joy School at my house, Jesse happened to be there trying to get out of the house. Six precocious five year olds were holding my attention when Jesse finally left.
"Where's he going?" One of them asked.
"He's going to school." I responded distractedly.
Then a completely incredulous look followed by "grown men don't go to school!"

Perhaps what was funniest to me is that it was the first time I had ever heard Jesse called a "grown man." I always thought they were older.

June 12, 2007

Wait! Wait!

I'm a total news junkie. It's like rubbernecking an accident. I want to not look, but I can't help it. I check cnn several times a day. It started when we lived in Taiwan because I wanted to be a little in touch with what was going on in the world. It's now transformed into a deep desire to know whether Paris is in jail or not (she is). I'm insatiable.

But I also found an outlet and darn entertaining way to use my knowledge of all things current and useless. NPR's Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me is liberal media at it's best. The quiz show of current events feeds my cnn addiction, but in a good way. And it was so fun to hear that some of my friends listen to it as religiously as I do. I podcast it by the way. Forty-five minutes of listening pleasure, any time I want it.

June 8, 2007

Wish you could've made it to dinner.

I will miss my garden. It's moderately neglected, but still producing flowers aplenty and a few tomatoes and squash. Dinner tonight was fabulous, if I do say so myself.
-yellow squash sauteed in butter with a bit of salt
-salad with homegrown tomatoes and avocados purchased on our trip to Palomar last weekend
-TJ's 4 cheese ravioli
-Raspberry lemonade
I can't promise tomorrow will be as good, but stop by if you can.

June 4, 2007

My Talented Miriam

I wanted to post some of Miriam's pictures. She has a pretty good eye for a 5 year old, don't you think?
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