February 25, 2014

Hello from the frozen north!  It's polar vortex part IV this week.  So coldie outside.  It makes me want to cry.  But then my tears freeze to my face and my glasses freeze to the bridge of my nose.  So I've stopped crying about the cold.

Each winter I find new ways to cope.  The first winter, I used medication to snap me out of my funk.  The second winter, we got a dog that I had to walk twice a day.  She was my therapy.  This winter, I'm taking chemistry.  I have to go to class four mornings a week, so I can't sleep in.  I have to at least shower since I will be sitting incredibly close to teenagers for over an hour.   I took my brain out of deep freeze, bought myself a graphing calculator, found a couple of study buddies, and am currently in the A-/B+ range.

I don't think I'm hearty enough to last too much longer here.  Wisconsin is pretty brutal.  I'll survive and check the class listings for next winter.
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