December 19, 2008

What dat mell?

Yes, Nami, it smells over here, too. My niece had a bit of trouble with her th's and s's but not with her olfactory senses. We noticed something nasty when we got home on Wednesday, but today it was even worse. I came home from dropping Mermaid off at school and noticed it again. Kicked around a few rocks, picked up some flowerpots. Then noticed the toilet paper gurgling out of a pipe in the landscaping. NASTY!

But, it was so nice to just have to call maintenance and have them there in 5 minutes flat. I LOVE RENTING!!! Now if they'd only come back and clean up the stuff that spilled.

December 17, 2008

The One and Only Hike

Before the flooding, we did go on the Hauula loop trail with Ben and Yuki and their kids. Ben is my younger brother. He and Yuki ran/walked the Honolulu marathon. Wow! They are super cool. And their kids are super awesome. Boo! (that's for Ken-ken. He likes to frighten people.)

the kids found some hiking treats on the trail.

The Rains Came Down

If you hadn't heard, this was our most memorable vacation ever. My mother in law's house was flooded last Thursday and we've been working hard to clean up ever since. We had some camera issues so I don't have any pictures, but check out here for a video my friend took in front of our house and inside hers.
And they know how to use 'em. Monkey and Ada spent Thursday morning pulling out nails after the guys ripped the dry wall out. They also learned how to use the screwdriver to pull out screws. They had a blast. Monkey told the shuttle driver this morning about it when he asked what we did in Hawaii. He looked mystified while Jesse and I just giggled not bothering to translate or contextualize for him.

Now the best part about flooding your house is getting rid of your stuff. And the best person to be when you are getting rid of your stuff (especially childhood memorabilia) is Mermaid. She brought home numerous treasures. J's shark teeth collection (he finally threw away his wisdom teeth. anyone want to join me in a chorus of "ew. gross." ?), rock collection, art pads, pencils, notepads, etc. You get the drift. She would dive into the piles of stuff, sifting for anything shiny, cute, jewelish, basically useful to a six year old kid.

We got in on the red eye and this morning had the feel of a frat house after a big party. I put Mermaid in the bath, went to lay down, realized I hadn't heard her, went in and found her almost asleep in the tub. I got her out, dressed, and fed, then went up to sleep again. Found her curled up by the heater three hours later. Woke J up around 1. "Are you going in to work today?" We were just missing the red plastic solo cups, the smell of vomit, and we had left our house a little too clean. But, you get the picture.

December 3, 2008

No one there is that doesn't love a thicker wall

If you haven't heard, we're flying to Hawaii this week. The person happiest that we're leaving would have to be our neighbor. She made another visit to complain about the noise. She made the huge mistake of telling me that she was trying to take a nap (it was 2:30 pm. like I wouldn't have killed for a nap myself). We had just gotten in that morning from driving 8 hours in traffic and I was exhausted and knew there was no sleep for me until later that night. Usually I'm conciliatory, but not then. I laid into her about how this was my home and if my kids wanted to walk around and play in their home, they had every right to do so. I was not in my finest form, but it felt good to stand up for myself. Unfortunately, now I have to make some sort of peace offering because I really don't want to live next to an antagonistic neighbor.

So everyone should be happy for the next 10 days. We get to stomp around Pammy's house and raise our terrible ruckus (kids asleep by 8, no tv, no loud music. I know, we're a earful). And our neighbors get to listen to silence. Does anyone want to borrow a key and run up and down our stairs a couple times a day just so they don't miss us too much?

Thanksgiving Weekend

I'm in the embarrassing spot on the bottom of the familyblog roll call. It's time I rectify that, though I do have a paper to write, a couple of assignments to finish, and some bags to pack.

We finally made the drive up north for Thanksgiving. Yummy food, super fun family, some trainspotting, and even some q-time with the hubby. He was my entertainment while I drove the whole way home. But you're really here for the pictures, so here are a few. I'll post some more as the week goes by since I have a feeling I'm going to be a tad busy.
in Santa Cruz
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