June 20, 2010

Sabbaday Falls

An image for our last Sunday in Maine. A falls we saw on our last camping trip in New Hampshire. This is a good place to be.

June 18, 2010

The Moving Equation

So, moving+pms+dieting= 2 lbs lighter, moderately pissy, swearing like a sailor (so far, just in my head).

Oh dear.

June 17, 2010

5 (dino)Bite Size Reasons Why You Shouldn't Move

We're moving house again. Each time we pack, it's a different story. When we moved to Taiwan, I would pack a few boxes and when I needed a rest, work on Chris and Da's wedding quilt. Jesse packed us up in Japan. He went on a three day backpacking trip right before he flew home. And he brought it up for a year how hard it was to get rid of so much stuff. This time we're working together, sometimes in tandem. We both had the realization that boxes were the way to go. Everything in a box.

Good friends are watching the kids for a couple of hours each day. I'm still working out each morning. We went strawberry picking on Wednesday. I'm either dreaming about mass murderers on the run or of packing. I'm not sure which is worse.

Our meals are getting weird and wonderful. I made pasta with sweet potatoes and ricotta cheese. The next day I realized the ricotta was way past date. Tonight we had spinach, cheese, and chicken omelets with a side of salsa. We have 5 dino bites, 4 veggie burgers, two packages of spinach, other assorted frozen vegetables, gyoza skins, and deli meat in the freezer. Lots of pasta and evaporated milk in the pantry, and a big pot of lentil soup in the fridge. Who wants to come over for dinner?

I need to find out what Jesse wants for breakfast on Father's Day. And lunch, and dinner. Or it might be a pathetic affair. And I might have packed the kitchen by then.

June 10, 2010

Fake FUN Me

I don't know why I feel compelled to be FUN mom, especially when Jesse is away. Honestly, I'm not that fun. I'm much better at keeping us organized, fed, clothed, well functioning than entertained. I rely heavily on Jesse to keep us FUN.

Since he's backpacking this week, I took the kids on some excursions. I think I was too tired and solo parenting for them to be too much fun. The Children's Museum was kind of boring for me(I mean, there was no way I was fitting in that lighthouse). I did enjoy using my mad cash register skilz when I rang up the kids' fake food purchases (campus bookstore. woot! woot!) Of course, we left the museum in a tizzy. Something about getting a head stuck in between the bars of the ship's hold. I wasn't sure of the details, just that Mermaid, Monkey and the little boy they were playing with were all crying.

Mackworth Island could not be deemed a death march as 1.5 flat miles is merely a stroll. Especially w/ swinging benches and regular benches every 15 feet. Not to mention the fairy village in the middle. Monkey did hike the whole time because she knows there is no way I can carry her. So I guess that was good. Mermaid's breakdown at leaving before furnishing her fairy house was not fun. Oh well.
(notice the plethora of fairy houses in the background. It's like the woodstock of fairyville)

Today we took it easy. Went to the toy library, dentist (after flaking once again and rescheduling. hello? brain? are you there?), library, and got LaRoche's seafood for dinner, then gymnastics. LaRoche's does a clam/lobster bake for $15. A lobster, 10-15 clams, red potatoes, and corn. It's all take-out and you order ahead. Love it! Can you say amazing feast for so cheap? Crazy! Mermaid couldn't come close to finishing her meal (Monkey had my corn and pb&j), so I think I'll make a chowder with the leftovers. I feel really, really bad that we didn't do it when Amy was here. Totally flaked on her lobster meal. I'd bring one down, but cold lobster and clams sounds kind of nasty.
So, the kids are smiling in all the photos. Everyone is still mostly happy. Monkey claims to a) miss her daddy (there was a breakdown about missing him 5 minutes after dropping him off) and b) that I don't love her (because I limit computer time and do not cuddle her when she comes in my room at 6 am). Otherwise we are happy as...well, not those clams, but ones still safely in the mud.

June 7, 2010

Congrats Grad!

Yay Monkey for making it through Pre-K. She had two wonderful teachers this year. Hopefully next year is just as great.
She was a great Mary. So serious.

June 5, 2010

Homemade Yogurt

I've been on a Greek yogurt kick lately. I love it with a drizzle of honey, a sprinkle of granola, and a sliced banana. It's the perfect breakfast before a hard workout. But it's a touch expensive. At 6 bucks for 32 ounces, it's not an every day food. I thought.

But...I knew there must be some way to make it at home. I grew up with the yellow yogurt maker with its individual cups (not nearly enough yogurt for my family). When we were in Taiwan, someone let us use a thermos contraption that sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. I've had minimal success with making yogurt on the stovetop. So when I looked online and found a recipe that used the crockpot, I figured, why not?

All I can say is delish! Perfect! I love that there's not stove watching or double boilers or even thermometers. It takes time, but not much work on my part. I just had to set the timer. I did let it drain for a couple of hours to thicken it up. The recipe (1/2 gallon of milk) filled a 32 oz yogurt container. I'm so tempted to get some raw milk from our dairy farming friends and try making full cream unhomoginized yogurt.

June 4, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance

The kids' dance recital is this Saturday. Since we can't take any pictures at the performance, here the kids are on stage during the dress rehearsal. Monkey is a butterfly at the ugly bug ball and Mermaid is a lion dancing to sunrise in the jungle. From what I saw at the rehearsal, I can guarantee that there will be a bug collision on Saturday. And there's a good chance the lion and her friend the kangaroo get wrapped up in the curtains. Awesome.

June 3, 2010

Rope Swing on the Nezinscott

So here are Jesse and Ada. Rockin' the ropeswing.


Monday was a kayak trip down the Nezinscott river. Yes, J totally overscheduled us. Yes, our arms were killing us the next day (and the next). And Yes, we had FUN! Thanks for making the trip up north to see the MAIN(e) Palmers!

Sunday on Bailey Island

I love me a baby!

The Lobsterman statue

footsies, lupine (Miss Rumphius' flower)

Bailey Island is not too far from us and makes a beautiful Sunday drive. The kids couldn't stay out of the water, even though it wasn't that warm. Our second stop was the bay and tire swing at Bailey Island. How could we resist?

June 2, 2010

Screw Auger Falls

The boys climbed to the bottom of Screw Auger Falls. And then they got in. Brrrr.

Step Falls

As promised, here are way too many pictures of Step Falls, our Saturday destination.

June 1, 2010


I didn't think it was possible, but last week it got HOT! 90+ degrees HOT! I didn't know Maine had it in her, but there you go. We went to Range Pond (said rang. don't ask. i don't know why.) two times to cool off. We also busted out the somen set and ate the best summer food ever. So easy. So cool.
Last week was pretty much lost to that stomach virus, but the weekend was great. I'll post pictures later today or tomorrow. We were lucky enough to have the NY Palmers visit. Jesse took them on the whirlwind super insane extra tiring tour of Maine (think FUNx3 days straight). I had to wake the kids up at 8 to make it in time for school. I'm feeling bad for our guests because they had a huge drive as well.

I've already flaked a bit with this week, forgetting my dentist's appointment. We have a dance recital, playdate, activity days, gymnastics, field trip, haircut, primary activity, and rescheduled dentist's appointment this week. Oh. And I need to get serious about moving as the kids will be out of school next week. EEEeeek! Should be fun!
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