August 30, 2010

Here We Are

Finalmente. We're back to normal. Instead of hanging out together, we're on our separate computers. Gotta love having the internet at home.

We're mostly moved in. We still have one room that defies order. Maybe that can be my Friday Fun.

Indiana is quite an experience. People are nice. Totally miss our friends from everywhere else. Making some pretty awesome friends here. It is nice to semi-reinvent myself each time we move, though a bit exhausting. After a month or so, I would pay good money (and probably will) to be with family.

We have a/c here. We run it. It's HOT. I miss breezes. (most of the windows in our house are painted shut, not that there are breezes to feel if they did open.) And it's horridly humid. Think Hawaii minus the clean ocean water and trash pickup just once a week. Sticky grossness.

Jesse is busy again. The always have something that needs to be done but not enough time to do it busy. Teaching three new classes, applying for jobs, and contemplating writing can do that. He's such a sport.

I leave you with pictures of my new kitchen. My 1970's enamelware and tupperware fit perfectly in my 1970's kitchen. Red and orange look so good in a white kitchen with green cupboards. This one is teeny tiny with no room to maneuver around, and not enough storage space. I'm so hard to please.

August 25, 2010

Here I am in the public library updating my blog. Yes. It is weird. Our modem is set to arrive in 5 days. I am seriously missing my computer time. I feel very disconnected from life, news, and my bank account.

So, I shall return sporadically, and then more often than is good and right! See you soon.

August 18, 2010

School starts today. Both the kids are in the smart class (gt, ha, tag, etc.) I love summer. I love school.

So what will I do with my free time? Well...
-fix up our house
-buy all the weird condiments that I keep forgetting at the store
-go to Portuguese class!
-post some bloggity blogs
-find my purpose in life

Wish me luck. And congratulate me for successfully graduating from SAHM. (It can happen to you, too!)

August 17, 2010


Do you remember that time, like forever ago, when we didn't have the internet. I remember.

And that has been this summer for us. Very sporadic internet access. No laptop (I know. It's really crazy.). No smartphone (we're not smart enough, I suppose). This summer has been remarkably tech free.

That will change when our internet gets hooked up the end of the week. I'll post pictures and write blogs. Know more about what is going on in the world.

But this summer has been nice. Good to focus on family and relationships. Nice to be techfree.

August 7, 2010

Here We Are

Hot. Humid. Cicadas. Walking/Biking distance to...everything. Yummy cheap fresh produce. Sweet watermelons.


We are here. Not in our house. So it's not home, yet. We live near the college and downtown where the library, dance class, and the farmer's market all reside. Plus a yummy looking mexican restaurant that even Jesse was tempted by.

I can't wait to get more settled. Unpacked. In our own home. But for now, it's good. Blessed. Hot.

August 4, 2010

My Dolly's House

You know how sometimes you get a gift for your kids, and it really ends up to be for you. And your husband. To work on for months. Then finish. Take pictures. Then box it up. The kids actually love it and play with it a ton.

August 2, 2010

101 North

Our trip from Sacramento to Oregon was long. But so beautiful. I loved seeing Suzelle. Loved being by the ocean, the redwoods, the mountains.


Whoever said you can never go back, was wrong. There are some places that change so slowly, you can go back. The sacrament bread still tastes the same. Sister M's honey whole wheat recipe. The old people are still old (ok, so they were probably not that old when I was a kid, they just had their children young, so seemed old to me).

I love being home. I'm starting to figure out how to be an adult child. I'm loving helping my mom out for completely unselfish reasons. I love that she lets me help her figure out how to remodel her kitchen. Since I don't have a house of my own, she lets me live vicariously through hers. I also love that Jesse works his tail off to improve the garage. And now he has grand plans to paint all the kitchen cupboards in the next two days. I love an ambitious man.

So in a few days we're off to the unknown. No cousins. No siblings. No moms. I'm sad already. I can't wait for the day when we're offered a job close to family.
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