February 25, 2009

Home of the Week

This is one of my favorite places to waste time. I mean get inspired for my future house, wherever it may be. It's the LA times home of the week. Love it.

February 20, 2009

Fix it Man

Here's to Jesse who cleaned out my computer last night. There was tons of gunk on my cpu and the fan was gross, too. And I had no faith that he could do it. Really, I had no faith that I could do it and forgot that J is way more savvy than I.

Now I can stream video morning and night without the cpu overheating. Hm. Maybe this isn't such a great thing.

February 12, 2009

Flowers For Sale

I forgot to mention Mermaid's new entrepreneurial streak. With her monthly allowance has come the desire to buy, buy, buy. But her $5 a month is not cutting it. So, she's been doing extra chores for 10 cents each. Not enough for her. She wants a dollhouse doll that runs $20. Yikes!!

"I know! I'll pick flowers and sell them for 25 cents each!" She has been going on bike rides to pick flowers, tapes them into a bunch, then hawks them on the corner to people coming home from school. So far she's made $2, mostly from the neighbors.

I'm really proud of her for having a goal, and figuring out how to attain it all on her own. And, she's a pretty shy kid, so I'm proud that she's jumping around with her sign and yelling "Flowers for Sale!"

I can't wait for the weather to warm up. She really likes the idea of a lemonade stand.
Mermaid is writing a journal entry for her homework, and thought I'd do the same. It's been kind of crazy here. Jesse got back from his 2nd interview on Tuesday. He said it seemed good, but we will see in a couple of weeks whether we are moving or not. I'm pretty excited about the prospect, but could also be happy that J would have so much more time to finish his dissertation.

The kids are good. Monkey loves preschool. Mermaid loves first grade. They are excited about the prospect of snow boots, snow pants, and snow in general. We think they will be in for a rude awakening.

I still need to fix the camera. So, no pictures yet.

February 2, 2009

Today is Monday

This weekend was Mermaid's birthday. We had a great party, took tons of pictures, and then I deleted them. I haven't gotten around to trying to retrieve them because I'm soloing. J's at his first interview in Ohio. The house is pretty clean, even without him here. Maybe he's messier than he thinks. Hmm.

Church was a little hard since the kids were sleep deprived. I had to take monkey out for a couple of minutes. After meetings I pretty much begged for an invite to dinner and the kids played with their friends. Then I put them to bed at 6:30. I've got babysitting set up for tomorrow and next week as well when J's in NY for interview #2. For FHE tonight, we'll go to the dollar movie. Of course the kids desperately miss Jesse. It's sweet.
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