April 20, 2007

Kind of like eating your vegetables

It'll be good for her, but Miriam does not want to move to Japan. She adamantly refuses to attend school in Japan. She doesn't want to try a Japanese school here in the states before we leave. She was scared of the prospect of kindergarten and now she's overwhelmed with going to school in Japan.

I really want her to learn Japanese, and I think the best way would be to go to school. I also think she'll be bored with just me. And I really don't want to do anymore homeschooling than I already have to.

When we were in Taiwan, she became very shy and refused to talk to strangers. She didn't have many friends, and none she could talk to.

Here's what she likes about Japan:
Disneyland Tokyo
Girls' Day

Here's what she doesn't like about Japan:
It's all in Japanese
She has no friends there
She doesn't speak Japanese
It's scary

Does anyone have any suggestions to help smooth this transition?

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