May 2, 2007

100 things

Here are 100 things about me.

1. I like having my toenails painted.
2. I hate having my fingernails painted
3. I'm on a diet.
4. I'm making a concerted effort to look nice (this is recent).
5. I love making food for people
6. I'm a good baker and a decent cook
7. I don't like cleaning.
8. I must have a clean bathroom and if we weren't moving in a 2 months, I'd re-caulk the bathtub.
9. I don't put away my clothes at night.
10. My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. When I buy it, I hide it so my kids won't see it. I usually buy another sugar cereal to keep them out of mine.
11. I like exercising.
12. I'm afraid I'm going to get pregnant now that we're moving to Japan.
13. I've been trying for a year to get pregnant.
14. I look forward to getting rid of all our stuff on this move.
15. My husband is my best friend, but his best friend is his twin brother.
16. During my first pregnancy, I hated my husband's twin brother (totally hormones, not his fault at all).
17. I looked forward to District and Zone meetings on my mission because I had never had to live with girls before and found them overwhelming.
18. I drop the f*bomb at least once a month.
19. I almost always remember names and faces, for which I often feel the need to apologize since it sometimes makes people feel bad since they haven't a clue who I am.
20. I'm afraid of heights.
21. I jumped off Laie point into the ocean (about 25 feet) to impress Jesse the first time I met him.
22. I stop functioning when I'm reading, much to my husband's chagrin.
23. I have a green thumb.
24. I took piano lessons for 12 years and play quite proficiently, but have no instrument.
25. I only tried out for sports when they didn't cut people from the team.
26. I am allergic to cats and dogs. Animals love me.
27. I believe in attachment parenting and wish people wouldn't keep their babies in carseats during church.
28. I think my mom gets on my nerves because I resent that I'm so much like her.
29. I really like eating meat.
30. I rarely play with my children.
31. I get migraines.
32. I've never smoked, drunk alcohol, taken drugs or tp'd a house.
33. I love cherimoyas (sp?). I ate them in Taiwan.
34. I like that my ethnicity is so mysterious. People always assume I'm what they are.
35. I'm glad we got season passes to Disneyland.
36. I like to buy expensive presents for my husband.
37. I wish he would buy me more jewelry.
38. I'm mildly allergic to walnuts.
39. I've had both my children on their due date.
40. I used to think I wanted 5 or 6 kids, but now I'm happy with two and hope we get at least one more.
41. I thought I'd be a better mother than I am.
42. I've started to look at architecture magazines and interior design magazines.
43. I want to be a marriage and family therapist when I grow up. I think I'd like to work with pregnant girls thinking of putting their babies up for adoption.
44. I hate having plans changed at the last minute.
45. I wish my grandmother had taught me how to quilt.
46. I always wanted to be "discovered". As what, I'm not sure.
47. I write lists
48. I often feel very unintellectual in an intellectual community
49. My car is a 95 ford escort with a mashed up back and side, animal crackered interior, but no history of major maintenance.
50. I like bright spring colors.
51. I usually wear neutral colors or pink.
52. I like yoga
53. I'm flexible because I have short legs.
54. I love Dr. Pepper and ginger snaps together. It was my study snack.
55. We used to dance to the Jackson 5 when we were studying and falling asleep.
56. My hair is starting to gray a little more and I'm considering coloring it.
57. I am very frugal.
58. I want to buy a house within 5 years of graduating.
59. I siphon money into my individual IRA every month.
60. I test well.
61. I've subscribed to the New Yorker for 12 years, minus the time on my mission, and first went to New York 3 years ago.
62. Before I had kids, I used to go bra-less a lot.
63. I let my daughters play with Barbies
64. I also let them use my tupperware to make snail homes.
65. I used cloth diapers for awhile, until I got pinworms from my daughter.
66. I remember having pinworms all the time as a child.
67. I hate the smell of freshly cut grass.
68. I despise rodents.
69. Rich people make me nervous.
70. I'd like to go on vacation without my kids.
71. I like giving birth. I feel incredibly powerful during those last few hours.
72. My mother taught me to think for myself and not blindly follow my leaders.
73. I wish I were more entrepreneurial.
74. I don't believe in the modern version of scrapbooking.
75. I'm proud of my friend who is on a consumer fast this year.
76. I walk for an hour 5x a week.
77. I've been buying more locally grown produce and love watching my kids munch on unpeeled carrots with the green tops still on.
78. I love the Newport Beach Public Library.
79. I love where I live. I have the biggest backyard in Orange County. My husband calls it Sesame Street since the kids are black, hispanic, Pacific islander, Romanian, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Caucasian.
80. I let my kids watch way too many dvds.
81. I hate living in Asia because I'm way bigger than most asian women, and dress kind of shabbily (in comparison).
82. I've had my email address for 9 years, but would like to move to gmail, but can't be bothered.
83. I love getting penis enlargement spams. No fail, they brighten my day.
84. I love my mac mini.
85. I have a disgustingly high tolerance to filth and clutter.
86. I don't wear mascara because my eyelashes go straight out and hit my glasses if I wear it.
87. I would marry again if my husband died.
88. My family is most important to me.
89. I fight mean.
90. I did most of the yard work growing up, even though I have 3 brothers.
91. I would like to take an adult ballet or modern dance class.
92. Sometimes I forget that I'm not as skinny as I used to be and try to slide between people or through tight spaces. I have gotten stuck before.
93. I have a lot of really cool friends.
94. I don't use my ipod as much as I thought I would.
95. I don't always like going to church, but I dislike missing it even more.
96. I wish we went out to eat more.
97. I'm shy.
98. I love to sleep.
99. I'm a morning person.
100. I love Trader Joe's.


  1. Don't you dare color your hair!

  2. Seriously, though, what a great list! I wonder if I could think of 100 things as interesting as yours.

  3. Inspiring. I love your list.

  4. Love this list, Bekah. I learned a lot, but actually not too much surprised all made sense.


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