May 19, 2007

Jesse Rocks

Here's to my J who:
Washes 99% of the dishes in the house,
puts the kids down every night,
fixes the car even though he doesn't drive it that much,
doesn't complain too much about my serious housekeeping disability,
works hard enough to keep us clothed and fed, but not so hard that we never see him,
sold two of his surfboards and a lot of his books,
apologized sincerely for not helping out today,
watches The Office with me,
lets me clip his toenails,
didn't complain too much about the bad picture of him on my blog
lets me cuddle with him,
thinks I'm a good mom,
watches the kids every morning while I exercise,
does his best to make me happy.


  1. you clip his toenails? Ewwww...

  2. i know. he has great feet, and really clean, too. I just get bugged by long nails. If I babysit your kids and they're nails are long, I'll clip them.


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