July 14, 2007

While baby is napping...

For those of you just rolling in free time, I have a few sites that I love to visit.

The Sartorialist
, way better than Vogue, cheaper, and so much more inspirational.

DesignMom for 1-finding super cute items for house, kids, etc. 2-getting in the Westchester/Park Slope loop, and 3-freebies!!

and of course, check out Brooke's color week here, and some liberal media here. And while you're on NPR, check out the music. When we were in Taiwan, we listened to many holiday concerts in full. I also love to hear the music they're reporting on. Mom will be happy to know they're huge Pink Martini fans.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I heart the Sartorialist as well.


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