August 8, 2007

Swim Lessons

Miriam and Gwyneth finished swimming lessons on Monday. It's amazing how much they learn in such a short time. Miriam is swimming on her back, floating on both her front and back, and swimming with "big arms." Gwyneth is ready for group lessons, she's just too young. She loves jumping in to the pool, loves going under the water, and will swim for a couple of feet on her own.

Gwyn loves her teacher Jada

The best pic of Miriam I could get

Da's sister Iris came to watch. The guy in the background looks familiar


  1. Cute pictures. Gwynie looks so intent. When Dan was that age, the instructor couldn't believe he was only 2. "no wonder he can't touch the bottom!" was the instructor's comment. The only prerequisite was that they were potty trained.

    That guy looks familiar--maybe his name is Jack!

  2. So...that last photo was sneaky. But when are you going to approach him and strike up some conversation?

  3. Yeah. Super sneaky. Gwyneth actually took the photo, though I set it up. We talked to him the about a week ago, since he went to school with my bro in law, Adam. He's very concerned about the environment, so Jesse had a ton to talk to him about. He's super nice, very laid back, good dad. I was really impressed.

  4. I thought that was you in the pool with Gwyn all this time.


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