September 26, 2007

First Day

We tried to get Miriam all set up for school last night. Here's everything that she needed (minus the room shoes which I can't find and her winter hat which hasn't been given out yet. Oh right, and we mustn't forget her emergency hood that's stored at the school.)

It was a major pain in the neck to find everything, though we did end up finding almost all of it at the dollar store. Everything, and I mean everything, had to have her name on it. Including the individual cray-pas.
And here is her first bento. Man is it ugly, but I did my best. J used the last of the eggs for breakfast, which kind of messed up the look I was going for. And, the raisins got in the rice which grossed her out, but we thought it tasted pretty good. I have furikake to put in the onigiri, but she doesn't like it. Oh well. We ended up leaving before lunch, but this is good practice for next week when she starts full time


  1. Dumb question - do they have to eat Asian food? Or can they bring whatever they want?

  2. Not dumb at all. i can make her whatever I want to, but I thought I'd try to help her assimilate by having pretty much what the other kids are eating. Today though, I made her a pb&j sandwich with a banana and cherry tomato.

    Next year she will have school lunch, which should be interesting. I wonder if she'll eat any of it.

  3. Sugoi, you're a real Japanese shufu ( that the right word, I can't remember) now! Bentos and everything. BTW, I remember our bathroom mold too. Nasty, deshou? Real Japanese houses' bathrooms are designed a little better, I think.

  4. Cool picture of the cray-pas. Does she wear a uniform?

  5. that's amazing! how cute she'll be for school! i love the nametags on every cray-pa. how's it going btw? daijobu? melinda


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