October 23, 2007

hiking with Jesse

Our great friends the Cannells were so kind and watched the girls this weekend while Jesse and I had another fun adventure. We went hiking up in the mountains. I'll post the pictures and cross post Jesse's post where he tells you what we did.

I had so much fun. It was pretty heinous and I'm in horrible shape, but I managed not to die. I'd like to blame the altitude for my old lady pace (we were passed by several 60-70 year old ladies). I'm inspired to get some more cardiovascular exercise. I'm not used to mountain climbing. Jesse's a treasure. It was a blast and I can't wait until the kids are old enough to do this stuff with us.

I hope the pictures inspire some of you to come visit. This place is gorgeous.

We started by this lake

It snowed the night before. How cool for us!

The peak we didn't climb (see J's description for the whole story)

Us. See those pants, I put a huge rip in them. Good thing I lost weight so I could wear J's surf shorts out.

The valley we hiked out of. Gorgeous


  1. Horray for good times, especially when it's a mini honeymoon!
    do you have a website where you put up pictures? I'd love to see more pictures.

  2. I think I'll have to add my 4th envying. But I could probably put on your list the granola I got from Da in the mail yesterday (Trader Joe's). Ha!
    If you ever go to the train station in Osaka, you have to find the bakery that has chocolate doughnut holes with liquid chocolate in the middle. Promise me. Then send some to me overnight with some dry ice. Kidding, but not really. I love snow on a hike. And I love that there were old women on the trail.

  3. Beautiful! What a great get-away! Hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Those bento's you make are pretty cool.


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