October 16, 2007


When we were walking home from undokai on Saturday, Miriam said "do I have to go to school tomorrow? I really need a break." She then had a mini breakdown. She was tired, she'd been over excited. She'd been embarrassed. It had been a pretty full morning.

And then today, she asked if it was Saturday tomorrow. It's Wednesday and she had Monday off.

Today she got a bloody lip and some kid hit her in the back.

Can you guess that I'm having some major misgivings about sending her to school. The novelty has worn off.

I'm torn since I think she'll miss playing with her peer group if she stays home with me and G. But, of course, there's so much to learn from doing something that's incredibly difficult. The mother in me wants to protect her from these painful experiences. I can tell that a lot of her difficulties come from an inability to communicate. It's pretty bad when my Japanese is way better than hers.

I'm sure I'll take a wait and see approach, but any input on your kids' experiences with acclimating to school would be appreciated. (unless it's how uneventful and easy it was!)

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  1. Have you ever talked about that to M's teacher? Even the director of the kindergarten should be an available support in this kind of situation. I'm sure you will handle it and figure out a way, but if I could be a bit of help, I'm here for you anytime. I mean ANYTIME.


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