November 25, 2007

Give Thanks

Of course I forgot my camera, but the Americans in our ward managed a stuff your face Thanksgiving as good as home. Or better, since there was no football on tv. We got to hang out with the Otsujis, Porters, and Hutchings. The only people we haven't found a connection to is the Mylroies, so if I write their name, I suppose one of you will tell me how we know them. The food was awesome. I'm thoroughly enjoying the leftovers. I have to get Miss M's recipe for gingered pumpkin pie. Delish! The guys played video games (even our little J). The kids played for hours unsupervised. The moms watched a chick flik. How much more perfect can you get?

1 comment:

  1. How ideal. Plus, I think I want that recipe too. Sounds divine.


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