December 6, 2007

Be Our Guest

We are thrilled and delighted that we will have HOUSE GUESTS!!! Jesse is taking this opportunity to organize the kitchen (bless him). I'm using our upcoming guests as an excuse to throw out art projects and various cardboard boxes that have accumulated in the kids' room. We're so excited to be tour guides. I'm so excited we live in such a cool place. I can't wait to explore with Amy. And I can't wait to ask Yuki every question that I've been to embarrassed to ask anyone else. For instance there are complete aisles in the grocery store where I have no idea what anything is. How do I get a point card at Tokyu store? Is there any possible way I can earn the Miffy water bottle at Lawson's through their point system? Exactly how lame do I appear to the moms at youchien? Do you know how excited I am to have an adult to talk to for hours for 3 consecutive days (that's not my husband)?


  1. Woah, I just got an e-mail from Travis and it seems like there is a whole field trip out to your place. How fun. I don't know who all is going but it sounds like a party!!!

  2. I want to be a guest too!
    I think I need to convince Jake to let me go visit you guys by myself. Not sure if that will happen, but I still want to.


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