December 18, 2007


For me, Christmas is about the music. It's the Messiah sing-a-longs, the "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart" in the stores (even here), and the Mo-Tab. Last time we were abroad, I found myself hungering for the music of the season and not quite willing to buy ALL of it. But I found it for FREE on NPR. Bless Public Radio and its dedication to beautiful music. NPR even has its own media player that pops up and then disappears when you're done. Much nicer than the glitches with Realplayer and Windows Media.

This year I found their Christmas Around the Country concert and The 2007 Carol Contest winners.

I'm going to try A Holiday Mix from All Songs Considered if not today, tomorrow.

I can't wait to find more! I really want to find the Messiah. So if you find it, send me a link.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I've been looking for the Messiah too! They say that he comes from the sky so I've been watching. ha haha ha.


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