December 30, 2007


When Amy was here she mentioned that she LOVED leek soup. I've never bought leeks, though I may have inadvertently tasted them at some point. I bought some last Co-op order and stuck them on the back porch since there was no room in the fridge.

I went to my trusty cookbook...I mean website, and found this recipe for Curried Leek Soup. I doubled the recipe and had it for lunch and dinner today. YUM! Even Jesse liked it. (He doesn't usually like soup.)

I made turkey noodle soup with homemade egg noodles the other day. The kids we were watching liked them, miraculous!

When I was on my mission, our mission president's wife taught us how to make homemade noodles. I had just gotten back from Cabo Verde and was so excited to have lunch with Sister Brinkerhoff and all the other sister missionaries. She usually made quiche or lasagna or meat. And then dessert was always chocolatey yumminess. We got to the house and she gave us the noodles tutorial and then served us turkey noodle soup with a fruit cup for dessert. Sister Bagley and I felt completely robbed.

Turned out that all the sisters in Portugal had been snacking on the bolos de belem, a creme doughnut. They'd gotten what we call fofinha (fluffy). Meanwhile, Sister Bagley and I had been in Cabo Verde with intestinal worms. I'd lost about 15 pounds (this was when I didn't have 15 pounds to lose, unlike today) and was constantly hungry and Bagley was in the same boat.

I'm pretty sure we stopped at McD's on the way home. But I did learn how to make noodles.

1 Cup flour
1 egg
1/2 eggshell milk

Make indentation in flour. Fill with egg and milk. Stir until combined. Roll out on floured surface as thin as possible. Cut with sharp knife or pizza cutter. Drop into boiling broth a little at a time, making sure to stir so noodles don't stick. Cook for 20 minutes.


  1. I remember making noodles with my mother, but I have never learned how. Thanks. It is so fun to keep in contact with your family. We love and miss you guys!

  2. I love leek soup, too. Which is good because when I make it, I'm the only one that eats it. Ephraim's like Jesse, not a big soup fan. He likes meals with meat. I'd love to try your gingercookie recipe. I don't keep dark corn syrup on hand, but I'll look for it.
    Thanks for sharing!! Please stay there long enough for us to save up $ to visit, k? Like 5 years? Hey, maybe you could stop by here on your way home? Uh? Uh?
    Think about it.

  3. We love reading the Taylor blog and seeing the kids grow.

    Melinda, I think Jesse would shrivel up and die if he had to live in Tokyo for 5 more years. Maybe we can plan a trip together. Keep an eye out for corn syrup, this recipe is really good if you like moist not hard as a rock gingerbread. Amy brought me Karo from NY.


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