February 20, 2008

Going for Three (or Four!)

I've been spending a bit of time here. Getting to see some fancy pictures of this and this and this. And maybe soon we'll be getting another of these.

Wish us luck! Hopefully, number 3 gets here around this time next year, or even sooner.


  1. I hope it goes so well that you get twins! I really hope you get pregnant. It helps that G and M are such darlings. Good luck!!!!

  2. it'll work and it'll be great. excited to hear more. ps we just found out that lani's expecting over in ohio. that'll be three for her, too. evie just had #5. yay for cousins galore!

  3. Yes, good post! Good lucks! (plural for emphasis)

  4. Good luck Bekah! We've been trying for a bit too, I hate aging ... but hopefully it won't be too long. I'm not a patient person :)


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