February 14, 2008

How big are your Adenoids?

We spent all of Tuesday morning at the hospital. Everyone's fine, it's just that in Japan, that's where you go to the doctor. Weird, but efficient. At Miss M's going-to-school check-up, they told us to get her adenoids checked out. We've known they were probably enlarged and were on our way to getting them taken care of when we found out we were moving here.

They took x-rays of her head and that girl's tonsils and adenoids are HUMONGOUS!! But, we've never noticed sleep apnea, just a real hard time falling asleep. She is also remarkably free from strep throat and other throat infections. So the decision was up to us. Surgery to remove her adenoids and tonsils or wait it out. If Jesse's knee surgery hadn't been so traumatic, I'd probably go for the surgery, but instead I'm playing super cautious mom. Ninety-nine percent chance we'll do the wait and see approach. There's a good chance they'll get smaller in the next couple of years. Also, in the states, it's an outpatient surgery. Here, it's five days in the hospital. I can't have a kid in the hospital for five days. Misery for all!

So here's to more infection free years ahead and shrinking adenoids! I wish I had the x-rays for our doctor friends to consult!

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  1. I got my adenoids out when I was little. They used to take them out as often as tonsils. I had heard that they didn't really do that anymore, though. I snored though, (still do, as Jake will remind me) and breathed through my mouth a lot, I guess. It really wasn't a big deal-- I remember going in for the surgery, and the time afterward. Mostly it was annoying because I wasn't allowed to blow my nose for a few weeks (but I did anyway, actually).


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