February 5, 2008

I'm here!

I have so many things to write about, and haven't had the time to get any of them out. Two of my dearest friends (and relatives) just had birthdays. Happy Birthday to Sienna the delightful youngest sister of my dear Jesse. And to Pam, the best mother in law a girl could ask for.

And if you've been wondering, I'm still making bentos every day for little M. Here's todays creation. You like the police car fishcake? She had rice in the bottom tray. A star, a bear, and a heart shaped onigiri from the dollar store. I love that place. I'm down to the dolphin, penguin and lion toothpicks. They've all gone down the drain or tossed. Unfortunately, they are no longer at the store. I'm sure that when school starts again in April, the selection will be better. Until then, I may have to deign to using wooden toothpicks (gasp!).


  1. hey bekah! i love your blog and your beautiful pictures. your bentos are the coolest and most colorful food arrangements ever. makes me want to live in japan and eat bentos every day.

  2. Love the bentos. I could see Danny getting really into bento making. Also, I used bento in our last Scrabble game. is that legal?

  3. I would say yes! Thanks Noelle, You're awesome! I can't wait to see you all again.


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