February 18, 2008

Welcome, Anne Shirley

Jesse has been reading Anne of Green Gables to M at night. It has become a delightsome romp for all, with many tragical, magical and enchanting bosom, kindred friends. My friend Alison introduced me to the series. Thanks Ali. It is so fun to listen to Jesse reading. Jesse and I laugh at Anne's antics while M is a touch bewildered by it all. She still enjoys it, and I think she has found a kindred spirit in Anne. She'll often say "I have a picture of it in my mind" since there are no illustrations. I am delighted to watch my husband foster a love of reading into our little 6 year old.

What are your favorite books from this young, young adult genre? I'm thinking of Black Beauty and Misty of Chincateague, but I'm afraid they might be too intense. I'd love to make a list so I can look for them at the bookstore. We're reading one every week, so it's hard to keep up.


  1. The White Mountains series (Can't remember what the second one is, but the third is The City of Gold and Lead) is one of my favorites. I think she would probably understand it. Anne of Green Gables is pretty mature, actually. Or of course, A Wrinkle in Time. There's also a book I read a lot when I was young about a hobo who lived in France and then ended up befriending a down on their luck gypsy (?) family-- he gets a job to help support them and they move into a real house. I can't remember what it's called, dang it. I'll check it out.

  2. I still love Laura Ingalls Wilder, especially the first few (for a young girl, esp.). It was so fun for me to read when I was young what life was like without microwaves, or cars, or supermarkets. Good adventures too.

  3. I used to love The Secret Garden passionately. It still fills my mind with fantastical images.


    PS I've been reading your blog for a little while now. We have the same name! :)

  4. the books that i recall - the ones that left vivid mental pictures were: where the red fern grows, indian in the cupboard, the roald dahl books, swiss family robinson - though i don't recall how old i was when they were read to me or when i read them.

    (sorry to just randomly post after months...years? have gone by - we are really poor correspondents! but i read your blogs now and then and love hearing about all of you - we miss you guys ...and hawaii, and sunshine, and warmth, and mountains, and salt water - hopefully we'll get west of the mississip again soon.)


  5. We read her the Secret Garden, and the Big House in the lIttle Woods. I think we'll try to get more of the ingall's wilder books, they are fun. Thanks for all your input. It's so fun to hear from everyone.

  6. we just finished little house in the big woods yesterday. i really love reading about how kids got their hide tanned, and letting ella know how nice her own parents are (are we spoiling her?). she really enjoyed the book too. we started the BFG with her, but she got kind of lost with his mixed up words. it may be fun for miriam, or other roald dahl books, he's my favorite.

  7. Authors that I have discovered as an adult that I think your family would love are Dick King Smith (Hodgeheg is my favorite)(He's a British author, so some of his books are harder to get, but several of them are on Amazon.com) and Shannon Hale (she's a member of the Church and such a talented writer. She won the Newbury Honor a few years ago for her book Princess Academy. The Goose Girl series is also excellent). Hope you like them as much as I do!


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