March 3, 2008

Hina Matsuri

Happy Girls' Day to every Princess I know! Jesse came up with another great idea and had the girls wear their kimonos tonight. We made tempura and invited the other princess family we know over (2 girls one more on the way!). We had cookies and mochi ice cream for dessert. We also had special hirare, Girls' Day senbei/arare. We're trying to get the kids re-energized about living in Japan. The fire has gone out and M is ready to go back to California NOW! Scary, since she has to start 1st grade in a month. M made her Girls' Day dolls in youchien. The Prince's sword can be removed from the scabbard. My girl ROCKS!

I grow more in love with M's kimono each time she wears it. It was a major purchase for me since I had only been in Japan a week and didn't know if it was a good price. (It was.)


  1. I have a guys yukata that fits. It's for summer, though. I have to go to a specialty store to get a kimono to fit "western sizes". Gag. I can't wait to be average-ish size again.

  2. your girl(s) do rock! I love the kimono on Miriam. I hope she doesn't grow out of it too soon. Good thing G will be able to get some use out of it too. That fabric is totally delicious.

  3. The girls are getting so big. They are losing their blond hair. They really need to come back to the hot summer days so it can bleach out. No more winter.


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