March 5, 2008

Podcasts for the wee ones

I've been meaning to post some new (to me) finds on itunes.

They Might Be Giants has a weekly video podcast. They're releasing the songs for their new album/dvd "Here Come the 1, 2, 3's." For fans of their ABC album, log on!

Sesame Street has a weekly video podcast as well. They're about 5 minutes long. It's "The Word on the Street."

And don't forget Storynory for your slightly older little ones. The stories are great, sometimes classics, and Natasha has a cult following of ESL students and 5 year olds.


  1. We love Storynory. Natasha has the best voice!

  2. Thanks. I am totally addicted to "Wait, Wait don't tell me" now and also "Fresh Air". I'm totally going to check these ones out.

  3. Also, guess what... we got an annual Disneyland pass. We've already been twice. I can't wait to go with you guys when you get back and buy one. :)

  4. we like those ones, too. i really like tmbg's high 5. its grooovy. and ella know what a predicament is now. love the classic ernie and bert spots. not big fans of storynory quite yet. i just unsubscribed to this american life today. it was fun while it lasted but we just grew apart. thanks for the heads up on "good things". ps i'm still in love with your fabrics. i just learned a ridiculously easy little tote pattern that would be so cute. here's the link:

  5. Thanks for these links. Amaya is loving it. It's funny how they use those old sesame street clips to fit their word of the day.


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