March 26, 2008

Recording Abuse, Part 2

This time the record is mine. Just FYI, when your child complains that the top of their foot hurts after taking a fall, do not assume they are a) over reacting, b) over dramatizing the situation (yet again), or c) just being a wimp. And when you ask them if they twisted their ankle and they say "no", don't believe them. And definitely don't make them walk the kilometer home, refusing to take the bus since your house is the next stop (it's not like Hawaii where they're every 30 feet). Oh, and don't take them shopping to two stores after the incident (though I bought lots of treats and gave her ice cream when she got home). And don't take a picture of the kid looking all mopey, because when you realize she really did sprain her ankle, you'll feel like a major putz.

By the way, she's loving being an invalid. Movies, treats, Barbies brought to her throne/couch; It's a child's paradise.


  1. Ha ha ha. I love the picture. I love the zoo stuff too. I'm inspired to take Amaya today, to the Portland zoo. She loves petting zoos especially. Plus, there is an old scary ride (a carousel) there too!

  2. Oh, poor girl. It's good that she likes being an invalid. I don't know how much my kids would go for that. I always think my kids are over-reacting. Oh, and Miles wants me to tell you that he twisted his ankle 3 times! (obviously not sprained, though) :)

  3. I hope she heals quickly. My ankle still hurts all the time ever since I broke my foot. She's younger so she's bound to heal quicker.


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