April 7, 2008

Ichi Nensee

Today was the first day of first grade for M. She only cried once. It's a class full of misfits. There are only 11 students in the class. Four are foreigners: A Bangladeshi boy, M, and a Chinese girl, who all live on our floor. There's also Emiri (Emily). They all speak Japanese except M and maybe Shibaji (from Bangladesh), but only Emily speaks English. But she doesn't talk, since she is even more shy than M. Even more interesting, we met Emily's dad today and found out they are LDS, but go to the Japanese ward. (Are there any gaijin who speak Japanese who aren't Mormon? Yes, but not many.) Oh, and lest we forget Rin-kun our autistic totally disruptive friend from youchien is also in the class. Although Gwyn was definitely in the running today. Miriam was sitting in the front at the other end of the auditorium and told us, "I could hear everything Gwyn was saying." She has no volume control. Miriam said of her teacher, "She was my favorite. When I saw her in all the teachers, she was the one I was hoping would be my teacher." Plus she got a stack of very cool textbooks and school supplies, including a plastic clock, a box of cool counting toys and math aids, and a lot more. Miriam played with it for an hour when she got home and only stopped when I put it away so Gwyn wouldn't lose the pieces. It's no wonder Americans hate math.

J wrote this for me since I had yet another headache. My life is so cruise that I get a stress headache from getting M ready for school. What a life.

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  1. M looked very cute with her pink dress, red bag, and excited smile.

    Happy first day day of first Grade M. If you're anything like your daddy you'll have many years ahead of you to enjoy school.


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