April 10, 2008


G and I went to the washi store. I should have taken shots inside. (duh). It was like a fabric store but with paper. The RS is going to cover tea boxes for enrichment this month. I'll show you how mine turns out. I'm making one for the girls with the purple paper. G picked it out and it is perfect for them. I'm making the other with the red sakura paper. Enjoy my crafty friends. If any of you out there want me to bring some paper back, it's very portable.


  1. me, me, me!!! I love pretty paper so much I could practically eat it. I started collecting stationary when I was 4 and I've carried the collection around through all our moves along with all the other paper I've accumulated since then. I could add more to my collection. Anything with red is my pick!

  2. i'd like some too if you can manage. i'm easy to please, but i prefer patterns and colors. i love the one that's closeup. oh to teleport to japan for just one day...

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see your box! I'm looking for enrichment ideas for ladies to make for this year's Festival!


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