May 13, 2008

Here's the story: We bought a little plastic trike for G when we first got here. Then it got cold, so we left it downstairs with the other bikes. First mistake. Second mistake, we didn't write our name on the bike. It went missing.

Then, about a month ago, we noticed the neighbor kid riding it. I didn't know what to do since he doesn't speak English. Jesse and G made me promise to talk to the mom about it. I finally did today, though a bit reluctantly. The kid loved the bike, but it is G's. And now he's outside our house crying.

There's a whole cultural and language difference, and really I didn't want to say anything. I offered to keep it outside so both kids can ride it. But G doesn't want to share it. I have a feeling she's afraid she'll never get it back. I'm sure it will blow over, but it's too much drama for me right now.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like one of my worst fears. you are brave. you did the right thing. i love you, bekah!


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