May 1, 2008

Tanazawa ( I think that's where we were)

If anyone ever wondered, Jesse would have been a great pioneer. I would have been a bad pioneer. With our friends watching the kids we went backpacking for two days. I just carried the camera. What a wimp.

The first day we hiked up, up, up. It was like being on the stairmaster four hours straight. The second day was down, down, down. At least we could talk since I could breathe that day. We spent the night in a hut with 40 other people. One of whom was a champion snorer. We awoke to the sound of obentos being wrapped. Not completely unpleasant, except for the time- 4am! We started hiking around 4:30 since there was nothing better to do. We could have hung around and inhaled another pack of second hand smoke, but decided against it. We caught the sunrise and several lovely views of Fuji-San.
crazy tree and Mt. FujiThe sunrise (4:50am). That night was vaguely reminiscent of nursing a newborn.

In retrospect, the trip was fun, but lacked the privacy and conversation of my version of the ideal overnight getaway. I've been hobbling around the last two days, and trying to catch up on sleep which also puts a damper on things. I think our next overnighter will involve more sleep, less nature, and less muscle fatigue.


  1. for someone who hicked so much you look totally good on the picture.

  2. Bad pioneer? Only a bad pioneer? Didn't you once get excommunicated for bad pioneering?


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