June 16, 2008

Hey Daddy-O

Father's Day is great because it's for fathers. And the daddy around here doesn't like anyone to spend money, let alone on him. I did just get him a $1.50 wall clock s he can see what time it is from bed. I think it will be one of his best father's day presents ever.

I made vanilla crepes filled with chocolate hazelnut spread, whipped cream, bananas and topped with strawberries. They were a touch decadent and the kids thought highly of them. The rest of the day was normal; we had dinner with friends. In a way, I don't think I could have planned the day better. Jesse got to sleep in, had a yummy breakfast, and hung out with friends (who love hearing him talk about Chinese, Japanese, and kanji (not kidding)).

And here's yet another reason why he deserves more days of appreciation. We went to Ikea today and while we were gone he cleaned THE ENTIRE house. I'm incapable of cleaning more than 2.5 rooms at a time. Granted, there were no kids there, but when I'm home without kids, I read.

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