June 19, 2008


You just can't fake that kind of enthusiasm! G was amazing in the water. Ebullient. Her joy in the water only compares to Jesse's. I can't wait to see them surfing together (Jesse can thank the stars that she's a morning person).

Kamakura with Mariko and kids. Fun. Tiring. Dehydrating. A couple of shrines. (Is it just me or are they all looking the same?) My one regret: not liking ume boshi. One of the shrines had green plums in a bag picked from the trees on the grounds. They were only 300 yen, but I don't know how to pickle them. And I don't really like them, either. But they were beautiful.

Mim is always happy to see jizo. They're statues with red bibs and sometimes red caps on. Parents make offerings for their children's protection, or for their spirit if they've died. It's bitter sweet. I like how Mim relates to a god specifically for her and other children.

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