June 28, 2008

Mariko Wuz Here

Where do I start? We have LOVED having Mariko and Amaya here. We stayed up late talking, did an obscene amount of shopping, and an equally obscene amount of eating.

Last night, with her gone, Jesse and I read and hung out, but didn't really say much to each other. We are SO Boring.

And when people asked how we knew each other, it was too hard to explain. Our relationship isn't linear, more like a web. Friend to both of us. One time room mate. Wife of J's friend. Lives next to Pam. Hiking buddy. Confidante. Family.

Mariko willingly let me drag her around Tokyo. Which is no easy feat with a two year old. We went to museums, bakeries, sumo practice, Ginza, Shibuya, shrines and temples, and did I mention shopping?

For the rest of my loyal readers, you only have six weeks left to take advantage of our prime Tokyo location and subway/train expertise.

1 comment:

  1. Why can't I figure out where that picture was taken? I laughed when you said "willingly let me drag her around Tokyo." Ha ha ha. If that's the way you want to remember it, sure. I'll be sure to let you drag me around more often. I'd love to take advantage of your prime Tokyo location again. I just wonder if Jake would let me do it this soon.


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