June 29, 2008

Science Museum

Jesse is making a giant bubble around the girls. I had to take about 10 pictures because G kept popping them.

We spent Saturday morning cleaning (this is a ritual that has to stop!). Since I had been yelling at the kids to help (why do I bother?), we thought we had better do something FUN.

SO.....We went to the Science Museum. The kids ran around like mad. Made crafts, had fun with the hands on exhibits, and finished with a promised ice cream treat (thank you vending machine). The museum was relatively empty, but incredibly loud. We were SO GLAD that we didn't go on a weekday with billions of elementary school students. We were also glad that the museum has a contract with Coke and had Dr. Pepper in the vending machines (to stave off another migraine).

Plans were to go to another museum, but we spent an incredible 3 HOURS in ONE museum. WHOA.
One G is plenty for me.


  1. are you going to miss all the museums when you leave? My parents took my sisters and I to museums every week in Chicago on the days they were free, of course. We had one of those giant bubble things in the Children's museum and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    I have free tickets to the exploratorium in SF. Maybe we can go together.

  2. Good one. We can't wait to see you again, by the way. Harry asks every morning if it's August yet because I told him you guys would be back in August.

  3. I can see that the dresses are too big--especially g's. We'll see when you get here if they've grown because I have material to make 2 more dresses.
    Tutu Kay

  4. Oh, how fun! I love the science museum! It looks like you guys had a blast! I can't believe you guys spent three hours there! I love the last picture--too cute!



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