July 6, 2008

giveaway winners

Yay to rachel who said...

I have got to have one of these bags! How wonderful. I hope I win! yay! Cheers!

And to Lenna who thinks she doesn't know me well enough to sleep on my floor. She's wrong. But she does win a bag.

You can contact me through my profile. So exciting!!!

What should I give away this week????


  1. A boy and a bear are sad that they did not win a bag of cuteness. A boy and a bear have no source of vigour.

  2. Cool I win!!! Yay!! Here is my email.rachel@daddyrich.net

  3. YAY! I can sleep on your floor! AND A BAG?! Who can sleep knowing they get a bag?! Thanks Bekah


  4. A boy and his bear should remember that a girl and her engrish will always find a way to gift a vigorous juice bag to her own brother!

  5. I haven't heard from you yet! Here is my mailing address!
    Rachel Crisman
    1564 Wisteria DR.
    Clarksdale MS.

    Thanks hope to hear from you soon!rachel@daddyrich.net

  6. do a giveaway of a furoshiki and randomly select ME! now that I know what they are for I could really use one.

    maybe use isn't the right term but..I can still want one. right?!


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