July 31, 2008

jyu, ni jyu, san jyu, yon jyu, go jyu...Hyaku!

Here's the Mermaid. We thought she was being difficult, not trying very hard to count by 10's. She can't count to 20, let alone 100. Could be a problem, seeing as she's going to be in first grade. Turns out, she can do all of it. Count to 20, count by tens, probably count to 100. All in Japanese. She adds and subtracts in Japanese as well.


  1. Is there an after school program Mims could go to once a week or something that is in Japanese?! It would be so great if she could keep it up some how.

    What about G? will she e going to a Japanese preschool? I know there are a few in SF. Maybe that is where J needs to get a job. I think you'd like SF and we'd have fun visiting you guys.

  2. I agree with Da. It would be so nice if she can keep her Japanese. Of course Jesse will converse with her so that's good.

    Tutu Kay

  3. that's wonderful that Mermaid can do all that. It's amazing how kids learn.


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