September 10, 2008

First Grade

Guess who I'm making friends with at school. Guess. The Japanese moms. There are four Japanese kids in Mermaid's class, not counting M. She's the only one with a randoseru. It's causing jealous fits amongst the Nihonjin kids. Mermaid was also glad that Izumi-chan has an obento, too. Seeing as lunch costs $3.00 a day, I'm not sure why everyone isn't making an obento.

Also, Danny will be happy to know that my car is a hit with the primary age children. I got lots of "oooh, pretty car!" when I went to pick Mermaid up the first day. Some people appreciate turquoise.


  1. Good laugh, this one. Makes me remember how I did everything to avoid turning right in our tuna boat suburban because the windshield wipers would go on everytime. Still expect them to go on now when I make that right hand turn...I think you look good in turquoise :)

  2. I'm jealous. I tried finding a good colored car, but ended up with boring silver. No wasabi for me. I looked at a great orange car, and was loving the thought of having a mikan car, but we couldn't get the price we needed on it. Sigh. Now I'm stuck with a ginkakuji car.


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