October 14, 2008


I haven't had Birkenstocks since I was in high school and wore them paired with wool socks. Yes, I know, the 90's were pretty sad. But now if Jesse gets an interview at Linfield, I'm so ready. The economic downturn has done wonders for my wardrobe. So many stores are going out of business (including Shoe Pavilion on Barranca) so I got a pair of Birks (originally priced at 69.99) for $14. And a pair of fancy black boots for $16.99 (originally 169.99). Luckily, they're made of leather so I can boil them into a broth if J doesn't get that job.
Other stores that I've seen that are going out of business in the Irvine area: Mervyns and one of those home stores like linens n things by Old Navy near the mall. Any other deals out there? Do tell!


  1. Birkenstocks are not my favorite looking shoes. O.K fine I think they're ugly as heck. But I've heard they are super comfortable. Haven't had the courage to try mainly because of their ridiculous price. It's cool you paid so cheap for them. If J doesn't get the job you can turn around and sell them on ebay for more.

    I heard that hundreds of Kmarts and Sears are closing. Have fun with your finds.

    p.s if you see cheap crocs, the traditional ones (also ugly as heck but whatever) on sale size 8 toddlers let me know. Enzo loves his pair and is outgrowing it.

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  3. Yay, I love Birkenstocks!! AND I love great deals too! Keep us updated on the job thing. Would it be close by if Jesse got the job.


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