October 1, 2008

Got me a good one

Sometimes I feel like I'm just figuring out this marriage thing. Jesse brought these home on Monday just because he knew I needed them. I'm glad he's got it figured out.


  1. Good thing you want to be a marriage therapist You can figure it out for yourself and pass along the knowledge to us lay people.

    Those flowers are beautiful. Good job Jesse!

    I guess it's nice having a husband who has no problems buying expensive kayaks and expensive flowers.

  2. gorgeous photo. SO gorgeous. it makes me want to climb into it and become one of the flowers. i also thought they looked especially nice with the new light fixture right above them.

  3. Wow. Go Jesse. When do we get in on the secret to sensitive husbandry? (not the hunting kind)

  4. He was up until 2 stewing about the kayak and then canceled the order. Not exactly worry free.

    The secret is communication. Trite, eh?

    And 5.99 is way cheaper than my usual retail therapy.

  5. communication?! oh yeah that thing...
    I'm convinced that being able to converse in two languages helps. If he doesn't get my complaining in English I can say it louder in Portuguese.

    no pimpin' Kayak huh? Oh well.

    my cheap retail therapy is trader joes chocolate. In fact I need some NOW.yum.

  6. beautiful photo. i LOVE glads.


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