October 21, 2008

Scout Bekah

Though I tried to lay low, I got a calling last week. I'm the Bear Scout's den mother. Don't they know I'm the kind of mother who eats her cubs?

So, I'm supposed to teach the boys how to do an outdoor flag ceremony and participate in that ceremony. I'm really hoping the whole ward is doing this because I don't have a clue.

Here's a confession. I'm not very patriotic. Here's another. By some odd coincidence, all the boys I dated were Eagle Scouts.

My mom said "at least you're not in primary."
I said, "I'd rather teach the Sunbeams."
She said, "Oh. . . good luck."


  1. Yay! Now someone to commiserate with :) Three words for you... Fast Track Program. Check it out on the cubscout website.

  2. Ugh, I'm so sorry! I just got my calling tonight. BIG SURPRISE, they're putting me in as the primary chorister. Shocking isn't it?

  3. Good news. I only have two boys who come. I can handle two. And they're pretty good, too.

    We skipped the outdoor flag ceremony. Instead I had to call J to tell me what the state bird, tree, and flower were (quail, california redwood and california poppy) and what year California was made a state (1850). Then they drew a picture of the state flag. Next week. Pinewood derby. I always wanted to make one of those.

  4. When the woman who is den mother in our ward was announcing next week's activity, I thought, "Wow, she looks exactly like the kind of person I would pick to be den mother."
    Bekah, you don't. That's a compliment. And it seems really weird to me that they would call you to that. You have no boys. Don't they try to call people who have some sort of vested interest in that?
    I'm in nursery, which I like, but sometimes I worry that they'll totally be revamping the church and I'll never know. I feel like some sort of recluse. Sometimes people ask me why I haven't been at church for a while.

  5. who are they? Let's remember who's calling the shots here.

    In all the family wards we've lived in I've been a scout leader. I hated scouts as a kid and am also not very patriotic. but what i'm learning is that it's not about the scouting. you were called because you have mad skills and the scouts you serve will be better adults because of their time with you. After 7 years of young men's programs, I still don't like scouts but I love teaching the gospel to people at these pivotal ages. You're going to have tons of fun. I would have totally liked bear scouts if you were my den mother!

  6. why is scouts and church mixed? Is this strictly a U.S.A thing? Never heard of scouts in Brazil. My only personal experience with scouts was when I lived in Chicago and went to a girl scout meeting and got kicked out b/ I was't American. ouch! My other experience is eating girl scout cookies. Which I like but shouldn't buy since they were racist against me. My last experience was when I was primary secretary in MA and in our first meeting with the primary president she said "don't even suggest a Den Mother because the bishop has already called a ton of women and they've all said no so I refuse to have cub scouts in my primary"

    You said yes. You must be totally righteous.


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