November 6, 2008

Gimme Some Candy

Way too much candy. I organized it like I saw on designmom. J thought it was a horrible idea. The kids did take the display to mean it was a free for all. We had so much candy, I tossed a red snickers bar because it didn't go into any of my groups (I also tossed laffy taffy and airheads and most of the tootsie rolls just because I read they're really bad for kids' teeth).


  1. I'll trade you a Tootsie roll jar for your York Mint pattie one...

  2. are you trying to get me to eat candy? I think I'll go buy a kit kat now.

  3. Thanks GGA. We found a lot of the trails were hard to stay on because of very little signage in the parks we visited. Very frustrating, especially when you're with little kids and don't know the area.


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