November 16, 2008

Week in Review

It has been a short, but filling week. School. Homework. Then Saturday we decided to have an adventure and include some garage saling. This is after we spent an hour and a bit cleaning and decluttering. I guess we did make some room for new stuff. Jesse found a whole bunch of tools and junk drawer stuff that everyone needs, but hates to buy. And the girls were given three used handbags. The crazy part is that one is a suede Coach bag and the other is a snakeskin Oleg Cassini bag. I mean, these aren't super expensive, but they're not cheap. I mean. My goodness. The girls are giving me the Coach bag for Christmas.
"But then you'll know what you're getting!"
"That's ok."

Then we went to the beach because it was 92 degrees or something crazy hot like that. We saw some pretty cool tide pools. The water was freezing. But I managed to get a little sunburnt.

The downside of this week-
The Santa Ana's are blowing.
And parts of orange county are on fire (not close to us). But we're getting lots of smoke and my eyes sting and I can't breathe very well.
And there were protesters outside of church yelling at us even though we have an Obama Biden sticker on our car. And Jesse didn't follow the directions to keep your windows rolled up so I heard someone calling us mormon bigots (which felt like a bit of bigotry itself as he has no idea how I voted, if I contributed anything to prop 8, or how I feel about anything and I really don't think mormon bigots drive turquoise ford escorts). And they scared the mermaid, which upsets me even more (and isn't it great when you have a new reader who wants to know if we'd read the signs because she would like us to tell her what they said).


  1. Bekah:
    I don't know if it's any comfort to you, but John was at the protest today and was doing all he could to stop the people from yelling things like "bigot" to the churchgoers. He says that there were only a few outliers doing that. But that's exactly why I don't typically do street protests--even for causes (like this one) that I feel passionately about. There's no room for nuance and bridge-building when you're dealing with a mob of people waving signs and yelling. I'm sure it would have scared me, too!

  2. Another thing that should make you feel better:
    In 30 years you can say, "THAT WAS ME! I was THERE!" and everyone will think you lived at such a poignant time in history (not commenting on how that future is going to turn out, just that any way it turns out, this will still be important).

  3. Thanks Jana, it actually does make me feel a lot better knowing that John was there. I think bridge building and understanding and even compromise will come once we allow for nuance in every perspective.

  4. i hear you bekah. i started crying after someone tried to block my right hand turn into the church and then yelled at me right against my window. i'm so sad they scared your girls!

    on a happier note, g. told me all about your trip to the beach when i saw her running around in her swimsuit looking for m. out by the playground. :)

  5. I'm mad that Mims got scared. At the same time she's lucky to have parents who will talk to her about these things and who are not hating back.

    What scared me the most was our relief society meeting at Morro Bay where the sister's were talking about how EVIL the protesters are. The position of the members of the church in feeling so defensive about the protesters scare me more than the actual protesters.

    It is time we separate the institution of marriage from the state.

    Our church building is tucked away and hard to find in Santa Cruz. Plus I doubt many members here gave any money. Maybe that is why we haven't had any protesters.

    The Missionaries came by the other day and they totally got harassed. They're so young, I felt bad for them.

  6. So good to hear from you. Love your christmas list of projects. You are so talented. Wow, sounds like you have adventures going to church. We miss you guys.

  7. I can understand protesting something you don't get to vote a war. But, we all voted so it would be fair. I had no idea people were protesting at churches and yelling at people going to church....I knew they were at the temple.

    PS. Jo-Ann's is like Prozac-love it!


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