December 3, 2008

No one there is that doesn't love a thicker wall

If you haven't heard, we're flying to Hawaii this week. The person happiest that we're leaving would have to be our neighbor. She made another visit to complain about the noise. She made the huge mistake of telling me that she was trying to take a nap (it was 2:30 pm. like I wouldn't have killed for a nap myself). We had just gotten in that morning from driving 8 hours in traffic and I was exhausted and knew there was no sleep for me until later that night. Usually I'm conciliatory, but not then. I laid into her about how this was my home and if my kids wanted to walk around and play in their home, they had every right to do so. I was not in my finest form, but it felt good to stand up for myself. Unfortunately, now I have to make some sort of peace offering because I really don't want to live next to an antagonistic neighbor.

So everyone should be happy for the next 10 days. We get to stomp around Pammy's house and raise our terrible ruckus (kids asleep by 8, no tv, no loud music. I know, we're a earful). And our neighbors get to listen to silence. Does anyone want to borrow a key and run up and down our stairs a couple times a day just so they don't miss us too much?


  1. Ha ha ha. Now we're going to be your neighbors for 10 days. And my, we're still in the 2:30 pm nap stage.

  2. Holy smokes. I'll make sure to take Blaine by her house when he's in the mood to shriek shrilly for an hour. I'll tell her we're housesitting for you. I'm sure you'll never have a complaint again.

  3. Don't you love that? How it feels really good to tell off a lame neighbor only to have to pretend not to see her ignoring you every morning?

    Have fun making your noise.


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