December 17, 2008

The Rains Came Down

If you hadn't heard, this was our most memorable vacation ever. My mother in law's house was flooded last Thursday and we've been working hard to clean up ever since. We had some camera issues so I don't have any pictures, but check out here for a video my friend took in front of our house and inside hers.
And they know how to use 'em. Monkey and Ada spent Thursday morning pulling out nails after the guys ripped the dry wall out. They also learned how to use the screwdriver to pull out screws. They had a blast. Monkey told the shuttle driver this morning about it when he asked what we did in Hawaii. He looked mystified while Jesse and I just giggled not bothering to translate or contextualize for him.

Now the best part about flooding your house is getting rid of your stuff. And the best person to be when you are getting rid of your stuff (especially childhood memorabilia) is Mermaid. She brought home numerous treasures. J's shark teeth collection (he finally threw away his wisdom teeth. anyone want to join me in a chorus of "ew. gross." ?), rock collection, art pads, pencils, notepads, etc. You get the drift. She would dive into the piles of stuff, sifting for anything shiny, cute, jewelish, basically useful to a six year old kid.

We got in on the red eye and this morning had the feel of a frat house after a big party. I put Mermaid in the bath, went to lay down, realized I hadn't heard her, went in and found her almost asleep in the tub. I got her out, dressed, and fed, then went up to sleep again. Found her curled up by the heater three hours later. Woke J up around 1. "Are you going in to work today?" We were just missing the red plastic solo cups, the smell of vomit, and we had left our house a little too clean. But, you get the picture.


  1. I heard about Pammy's house. Does she have basement rentals? Was it those that flooded or her actual house and is she able to fix everything? That completely sucks. Are you guys staying in Irvine for Christmas now?

  2. O.K., I need the WHOLE story again when I see you. My cell phone is so fuzzy in the VP apartments and I am dying to fill in all the gaps from what I heard today!


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