January 3, 2009

And Now You are Four

Monkey had her birthday in Martinez with the Fabulous Lipman Bunch. They are an instant birthday complete with ball pit. Jake and Sarah have 7 gorgeous kids (6 of whom are pictured) and were gracious enough to agree to let me bring mine over so that Monkey felt her day was special. Which is no easy feat when it's only 4 days after Christmas.

Jake is Jesse's cousin and one super cool guy. Sarah is amazing with her brood. Cool, yet totally in charge. She made me want to have seven kids. She made it look doable. And then she brought out the essential oils and gave me a fertility massage complete with massage oil to bring home.


  1. Happy Birthday! Monkey, you are so cute. If there could be 7 monkeys and mermaids in your family I can see how having a big family could be so much fun!

  2. Happy Birthday, little G. We so miss you and your sister! I am so glad you got a party.


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