January 18, 2009


My efforts to simplify have been thwarted by LIFE. What's up with that?
Good things:
-My class this semester is a breeze. Sometimes, a breeze is a good thing.
-Mermaid passed her reading test with flying colors. Her teacher had no idea she could read so well (yet another major problem with 25 kids in a class of 1st graders).
-We've decided to put the mermaid in another school next year (if we stay) since it starts at 8:30, giving us 30 more minutes of sleep!!!!
-J and I went on a date last week. It was F-U-N. And we just made babysitting arrangements for V-day. And...last night we stayed up late playing Boggle. So much fun. Especially because I won (thank you super competitive siblings!)
-J invited friends over for a potluck. And it was also fun. It's so good to be with friends. They are our family here.

But...our camera is broken. Which is very annoying since we paid quite a bit for it. So I'm using our old camera. I want an SLR. But alas, we have a budget.

Which means that Jesse and I are now looking at our belongings and thinking "how much could I get for that off of Craigslist?"

The countdown for J's job talk continues. He's had several phone interviews, but have yet to hear. I adore upstate NY. I adore snow, rain, sleet, hail. I also adore California. And if we live here another year, that's just great. And gosh darn it. People like me.


  1. I so like you.

    p.s. Did you fill out an interest form thingy for Mermaid at the other school yet?

  2. Glad you're going on dates. Birthday question: What are Mermaid's current favorite colors? I made a skirt that I want to tie dye. Also bought a shirt that has orangey red and pinkish hearts. Any of those colors do it for her?

  3. Hi, jesse left a note on my blog...you guys should come surf in HB (with robby that is). Unfortunately, I have to sit on the sidelines...i'm like a beached whale at this point...but call me:714.726.2202


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