March 15, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

I'm in charge of our anniversary this year, so I've been doing a little scoping of the internet. I don't know why it's taken me so long to take charge because I get to do what I want to do. So, we're going to sushi. J went to this place a couple of years ago with one of his classes. The one that I was so jealous of because they went out to eat once a week at a different place. He came home each week and I'd grill him on where he went, what he ate, what he liked, etc. This place was one that he thought we should go to again. I went to and got a $25 gift certificate for $7.50. I'm thinking of getting some movie tickets with our credit card points. I know that for everyone else dinner and a movie is blase. For us, it's quite novel. Looking forward to April 21st and our 8th anniversary!!


  1. Eight years. That's crazy. I think we've all come along way in that time. I, for one, am super glad you officially became part of our family on that day.

    Sushi and a movie sounds awesome. Especially if you can find a good movie out these days.

  2. Can I point out... "This American Life Live" is playing on the 23rd?
    I know it's not the same time, so maybe it will have to be in addition to that.
    Dinner and a movie is huge these days, and we only have one.

  3. I love the taking turns planning things. This year is my year too. Sushi and a movie sounds awesome. Lately we've been so busy that our date night this Friday consisted of watching a movie at home (Fireproof which I TOTALLY recommend if you take in to account that a Baptist congregation volunteered to make it on a tiny budget) eating popcorn and brigadeiro by the spoon full.

    I read that 7 years is is when most people get a divorce so consider yourselves safe from now on.

  4. Sounds like a PERFECT evening to me! Our anniversary is coming up on the 29th of this month and I think I'll be stealing your idea... What sushi restaurant is it? We're looking for a yummy one!


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